About Us

I bought my first dobermann from Tammy Marshall-Weldon in 1992, from her 'A' litter, Abbie. Brix came next, from Tammy's 2nd litter. Tammy and Swift Run's Brother Brix dragged me into the sport of Schutzhund, and I haven't looked back. Brix and I went on to achieve SchH III, FH, ZTP V1A. We showed at the United Doberman Club Nationals twice. I bought Farina vom Bahnhof, achieved a SchH I, CD. She was bred with Brix for the von Moeller hof A litter in Jan, 2000. Arras von Moeller hof came from this litter. Arras and I went to SchH III, CD, RH-1, AFFB SG1A, and we competed at the AWDF National Championships twice and the UDC Nationals. I imported Quinna vom Aurachgrund from Germany as an 8 week old puppy, and she also has gone on to IPO 3 level. She also received a ZTP SG1A and a CD. I am working on her CDX now. Quinna was bred to Arras, and I kept Cabo from the C-litter.

Cabo and I went on to achieve an IPO3 and I was entered and ready to compete at the 2016 UDC National when he became sick on a Sunday night with throwing up that we couldn’t stop. By Wednesday he was in surgery for a perforated ulcer, and I lost him on Thursday, March 31 2015 at the age of 5.5. A devastating blow. He was still such a baby to me and he was incredibly fun to work and a real crowd entertainer. Luckily, he was bred 2x to bitches owned by Tammy Marshall-Weldon and we have some nice puppies from him.

I currently have Elle von Moeller Hof and Ex von Moeller Hof. I am working to hopefully get a BH on Elle in the fall of 2016. Ex may take a little longer :-). Ex and Elle were unsupervised early during Elle’s first heat cycle (day 5 or 6), (hey, I have teenage sons - they weren’t paying attention!) so you can imagine my surprise to find her pregnant! The F litter puppies were born in Aug of 2015 and they have gone to mostly working owners, two of them in my own club, and it will be a lot of fun to watch them progress despite being the result of a teenage pregnancy!

I am one of a handful of working doberman breeders in the US who does complete health testing and proves temperament and working capabilities by training and titling my dogs.


Please look over my kennel statistics via the Working Doberman Breeders Project website.

Unfortunately for everybody, the workingdobermanbreeders.com site hasn’t been updated in a while, and I’m not sure it ever will be. It was a LOT of work for those folks to assemble all that data, and keeping up with it may have been too much work for their volunteer hours. I appreciated all their work and thoughtful method of comparing and presenting the data. I loved the format they used to document litters, titles, trials, V scores, etc, and they had provided me with my own kennel’s spreadsheet when they were verifying information. I have kept that sheet updated for my own use and it is here if you would like to view it. Please understand that the spreadsheet’s original creators were the folks at the Working Doberman Breeders Project, and I believe I have kept the integrity of their calculations intact as I have entered new information into my copy.